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Akshaya Tritiya: The Extraordinary Day for Everlasting Returns

Here goes a little story around Akshaya Tritiya:

In the epic Mahabharata, when Yudhisthira lost his kingdom over a game of Chausar, and was exiled to the forest for 13 years, many subjects from Indraprastha accompanied him. Unfortunately, there were too many mouths to feed and too little food available in the forest. In order to keep their bodies and soul together along with his own family, Yudhishthira, being a responsible king, offered his sincere prayer to Surya Dev. No wonder, the Sun God got pretty impressed with his devotion. 


 On one such auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, Surya Dev, granted him the eternal bowl of food and prosperity. This is the Akshaya Patra – the bowl that would always remain filled until the last person ate to his full. Yudhisthira’s problem was solved. Everybody had enough to eat! Forever! 

This theme has become resonant with the everlasting effect of a good deed that is performed on this day of Akshaya Tritiya. In several Indian families, it has been a tradition to invest a considerable amount of money on this day so that family’s wealth is preserved and serves good forever. 

However, currently with the mayhem caused by the pandemic resulting in withering economies across the world, it is a very different situation this time! Let me tell you about the problem. 

For most Indian Households, the go-to option for investment on this day has been physical Gold. The aim is to get capital preservation and some handsome growth. However, this time, on Akshaya Tritiya, Gold will be hovering at an all-time high of around Rs 50,000. But given that the economic uncertainties have already been priced in the current Gold value, and that conditions are going to get better, the Gold price rise would possibly start to decline in the near term of two to three quarters. 

Also, people can’t just go out to a jewelry store and buy some gold trinkets now. We are under lockdown after all! Yes, buying Gold Bond online can be an option. But then they have a strict lock-in for at least 5 years making it a not so attractive option.

Enter the eternal savior of wealth: Bonds and Debentures! 

This Akshaya Tritiya, let’s examine this solid investment choice more closely. Let’s start with an example, you see, if I choose to invest in SBI Bank Bonds, I will earn a fixed return of around 8.5% year over year. This is around 3% more than SBI Fixed Deposit returns. If I choose to go for a private sector Bank paper, such as Axis Bank Bonds, I will be rewarded around 9 ish % yearly fixed returns!  And then there is this set of State guaranteed Bonds like UP Power Corporation Bonds that are offering around 11.5% yearly yields. I am so pampered with choices! And what’s more, I can invest online from the comfort of my home without having to go out in this lockdown. 

Like Yudhisthira, whether we are able to invoke the Sun God with the same fervor as him or not, the gift of the filled bowl is within our reach. In the form of bonds giving us lasting returns with annual payments.

What is going to be your Akshaya Patra for this Akshaya Tritiya?


This Akshaya Tritiya, you may consider investing in Bonds to earn higher yet safer returns.

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